Sisbarro "Best Test" Certified Used Cars are the reason Sisbarro is Southern New Mexico's #1 Volume Used Car Dealer, and Sisbarro’s exclusive  Warranty4Life powertrain protection is the reason why!

The Warranty4Life on eligible vehicles comes at no additional cost to you, you are enrolled automatically! Simply follow the Sisbarro's recommended maintenance schedule at a Sisbarro service location, and in the event of a breakdown, all repairs to the power train components of your vehicle will be performed for FREE! Warranty4Life covers 100% parts and labor and there is no deductible. 

There is no maximum mileage or term for the Warranty4Life contract. Warranty4Life lasts as long as you own your car. Yes, FOR LIFE! 

To maintain your Warranty4Life powertrain protection we require you to perform a minimum of the following four services at a Sisbarro Service facility.  Failure to do so will void your Warranty4Life protection.

1.  Every 3,000 miles -beginning with your vehicle's mileage at delivery: 

  • Change Engine Filter Oil & Oil Filter
  • Lubricate Front Suspension & Chassis
  • Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

2.  At 30,000 miles from delivery, perform front/rear differential service

3.  At 50,000 miles from delivery, perform transfer case service (4x4s)

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